Sunday, lab-top, me and absolutely nothing to do!!!:(
OMG! Im dying of bored! All the day i just sitting in my room, in vkontakte, facebook and diary - reading what somebody is writing. Ow ye - and watching movies.
But... Gush! I want to go somewhere! really its not fear that i cant go uotside!!!What such a boring life!!!
Happily, now i have just twenty four days befour ill finally come back to home:vict: but... 24 days are looking now as a long long time :depress2:
24 days, its 576 hours, 34560 minats and 2073600 seconds!!! looks so long!
but thats not the main them, i just bored - so bored:bricks:
and i hope that when ill come back home, nobody of my acs classmates will not call me. realy - i dont want to see them at all.
i have really nothing to do now...